About Us

Armada is a global esports organization founded in August of 2017 by Brandon Jodon and Riley Long based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado that currently competes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and SMITE.

Armada believes in the idea that a team is more than just a team; it's a family. From our Esports division, to our content creation team, we strive to instill a true sense of community in everything we do. This results in ever-increasing synergy between our players, streamers, staff, and supporters. 

An ‘Armada’  is a fleet of warships, which requires exquisite preparation, superlative communication, and unrivaled unity to achieve success. Join us in our journey as we set sail to become a global leader in the Esports industry.



  • Brandon Jodon

    Brandon Jodon

    CEO | OWNER | co-Founder

  • Riley Long

    Riley Long

    President | Owner | Co-founder


    Mimi Linch

    Operations Director

    Erik Voelker

    Communications Manager

    Manu Bansal

    Stream Team Manager

    Andrew Stencel

    Social Media Team & Analytics