About Us

Armada is a global esports organization founded in August of 2017 by Brandon Jodon and Riley Long. 

Armada believes in the idea that a team is more than just a team; it's a family. From our Esports division, to our content creation team, we strive to instill a true sense of  community in everything we do. This results in ever-increasing synergy between our players, streamers, staff, and supporters. 

An ‘Armada’  is a fleet of warships, which requires exquisite preparation, superlative communication, and unrivaled unity to achieve success. Join us in our journey as we set sail to become a global leader in the Esports industry.



  • Brandon Jodon

    Brandon Jodon

    CEO | OWNER | co-Founder

  • Riley Long

    Riley Long

    President | Owner | Co-founder

  • Eric Eidianee

    Eric Eidian



  • Levoski Brown

    Levoski Brown

    General Manager

    Mimi Linch

    Operations Director

    Erik Voelker

    Communications Manager

    Manu Bansal

    Stream Team Manager

    Scott Randall


    Andrew Stencel

    Social Media Team / Analytics