Armada Enters Smite

by Armada Esports | June 21, 2018

Armada makes its stand in the Battleground of the Gods

Written by: LermyWermy


    Today is a very special day for Armada Esports; we’re finally entering Smite -- and with a bang! We’ve got two rosters to introduce, both packed full of faces we’re sure you’ll recognize.

    Firstly, we’re so excited to be welcoming former Smite Minor League roster Team Voltic into the Armada family. Currently boasting second place in the league, the squad has shown vast improvements from their performance this split, even being able to go toe to toe with the first seed, Very Nice 2 Me. We hope you’re as amped up as we are to watch these guys tear up the battleground of the gods, especially as they’re led by jungler and Smite Pro League veteran Copebby. In fact, this lineup is stacked with long-standing Challenger level players that have performed phenomenally in their competitive careers. United under the Armada banner, we know they’ll continue to find success as they fight for first place which would net them a spot at the upcoming summer LAN finals in July.

    We’re also diving into the console scene, picking up the former Fable Esports roster that has consistently been a top two team within the league. Featuring two of last season's’ world champions, Inbowned and ErupTCrimson, this squad has proven their skill and passion time after time. They’re certainly no newcomers to competitive Smite as a whole, with most players on this squad having competitive PC experience as well. Even though these players had their time away from Xbox, they’re back and are playing like they haven’t missed a beat. They’ll be working hard to earn their spot at the upcoming console summer LAN finals as well as the Smite World Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta in November.

    Our general manager, Levoski Brown, commented on the acquisition of these powerhouse rosters, stating that “Smite as a competitive game has always been very close to my heart. It makes me very happy to welcome these two teams to Armada. As an organization, it is our goal to see that each of these players will not only see an increase in competitive performance, but will see growth and development in their careers in esports.”

    Again, we’re beyond excited to see these two rosters continue to succeed and grow with the company, and we hope you’ll join us all along the way. Please show your support by checking out our Minor League team’s next matches, broadcasted on June 29th and July 6th at 1:00 PM EST on either or Also, check out our Console League team’s next match, broadcasted on June 25th at 11am at the above links. As always, thank you for your constant support; we can’t wait to see you in the battleground of the gods!

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