12 Questions with Prodigy

by Armada Esports | November 23, 2019

By Blast 

For Pedro "Prodigy" Alonso Jr. Smash Ultimate has been the breakthrough in his smash career. At age 14 he is the youngest player to make the Panda Global Rankings and is considered one of the best Mario's in the world. We caught up with him after his Game Tyrant Expo victory to ask a few questions. 

How does it feel to win GTX 2019?

Well it felt really good to win GTX because I knew that I can take a tournament like that one day and I was happy that I was able to show it finally !

What was the biggest thing you learned from GTX?

The biggest thing I learned from this event is to always stay focused and that you should always try your best!

What was your first Smash Game?

Smash 4 competitively :)

What got you into smash?

I saw the invitational for smash 4 and i fell in love with it

What was your previous mains before Mario?

Ness and Luigi

What is your proudest Smash moment?

Being on PGR!

What players do you look up too?

Nairo MkLeo mainly

Most wanted DLC Character?

Dante from devil may cry looks really good and had a good kit in Marvel vs Capcom games.

What is one thing you would change about Mario?

More range :)

Any tips would you give out to new players?

Don't be afraid to talk to people in the community and ask for help. i’m pretty sure there’s people who’d love to help out :)

What was the most important game you played?

My set against Dark Wizzy is was what put me out there.

If you didn't play smash would you play another game competitively?

Probably League of Legends

Who else would you main if Mario wasn’t a viable character?


Is your family supportive of your Smash Career? If so how does that make you feel?

My family is supportive of my smash career and my parents go with me and support me when i play.

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